Irini Iliopoulou
Irini Iliopoulou was born in Athens.
From 1977-1981 she studied at the
Athens School of Fine Arts. She continued
her studies in Paris at the École
Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in
the studio of Leonardo Cremonini.
In 1986 she has her first show in Paris,
at the Étienne de Causans Gallery,
where she presents medieval wooden
angels situated in small interior spaces.
From 1987-1988 she lives and works in
the then abandoned theatre, the Vieux
Colombier, in Paris, where she paints
the interior of the theatre and an old
deserted metro station. She presents
these works in Athens in 1988 at the
Titanium Gallery.
In 1987, she begins her collaboration
with the Berggruen Gallery (Paris) and
in 1990 represents the gallery at the
Salon de Mars with her Cows.
In 1990 she exhibits small pictures of
Greek and French landscapes at
Astrolavos Gallery, Athens.

From 1990-1993 she travels frequently
and works in Bordeaux and Arles,
painting the vineyards and ricefields of
southern France - presented at the
Athens Art Gallery in her 1993 show.
In 1994 she's invited to paint in a garden
at Fontenay-sous-Bois, a suburb of
Paris, and she exhibits this work in
1995 at the Athens Art Gallery.
In 1996 she presents a series of largescale
watercolor paintings of tomato
plants and fruit trees at the Flak Gallery
in Paris.
In 1999 she exhibits her calendars with
still lifes and landscapes at the Poliedro
Gallery in Patras.
In 2000 she incorporates the human
figure into scenes of nature and urban
shopwindows for her show at the
Athens Art Gallery.
In 2004 at the Athens Art Gallery again the
human figure occupies the space of
cafés and carousels (real and imaginary)
in the city and the countryside.

In 2004 she presents another version of
her carousels at the Art Gallery L-S,
Elounda Mare, Crete.
In 2006 at Lefor Openo Gallery in Paris
she presents variations on her cafés
and her open air cinemas.
In 2009 at the Athens Art Gallery she presents
figures and landscapes of memories
and desires.